Accessing cameras


I am trying to get a simple OpenCV code to retrieve images from the camera and use it. However, I am unable to find camera drivers.

ls /dev | grep video gives no output in the terminal. I understand that it is probably because these cameras are not interfaced through USB port.

In that case, How do we access SLAMdunk cameras for our purpose without using what is being published by slamdunk node?

How are the cameras accessed in SLAM Dunk source code, I am unable to find them. Could anyone provide any suggestions?


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The camera are accessed by the kalamos library.
The slamdunk_node code that is provided is merely an interface between this library and ROS and unfortunately we don’t have access to it right now… :unamused:

So I don’t know how you could access the cameras without using the slamdunk code.


Thanks for the response. I believe they are doing it using Kalamos library, and I am unable to find in the source code the way cameras have been accessed. Does anyone have any idea on how the cameras are interfaced with the Slamdunk processor?


That’s the tricky bit…
We have the source code for the slamdunk_ros node but the kalamos library exists only as a .so file in the slamdunk and there is no github repo for it apparently… So no source code for the cameras, or any other function for that matter :unamused:

That being said, it you manage to get your hands on that source code, I would love to see it :slight_smile:


Sure, I didn’t know that it existed as .so file. I thought entire source code is available. Thanks for the info.