Ambiguity with Vignette Model


Hi folks, I am a bit confused about the vignette model shared by Pix4d in their Camera Requirements For Precision Agriculture document. You can find the document here.

Following is a snapshot from that document:

Usually, matrix row corresponds to i or y and column corresponds to j or x. This leads me to believe that (x/w)^i should actually be (x/w)^j.

What do you guys think about it?


Hi @muzammil360
Please see our application note here

On a side note, I understand this notation can be confusing however they are just indices, they could have any name, it doesn’t really matter, does it ? :wink:


@muzammil360 the Pix4d naming order matches the naming order in Parrot’s recently released application note on vignetting correction.

Using Parrot’s recently released application note I’ve added some sample code to perform vignetting correction at the following topic:

Vignetting Correction Sample Code


Thanks a lot @clement.fallet and @seanmcleod for clearing this confusion.