[ANN] Fantom SDK for AR Drone 2.0


To announce an initial release of the (unofficial) Fantom Parrot Drone SDK 2.0.


It’s a pure Fantom implementation of the Parrot SDK 2.0 that lets you pilot your AR Drone quadcopter remotely via Fantom programs.

The Fantom SDK features:

  • Blocking & non-blocking drone movement methods
  • Feedback events with telemetry, flight, and drone data
  • Pre-programmed flight stunts and LED patterns
  • Read and write drone configuration
  • Full decoding of all navigation option data
  • Exit strategy to guard against run-away drones when your program crashes!

Sample Fantom code:

using afParrotSdk2

class Example {
    Void main() {
        drone := Drone().connect

        // handle feedback events
        drone.onEmergency = |->| {
            echo("!!! EMERGENCY LANDING !!!")

        // control the drone
        drone.spinClockwise(0.5f, 3sec)
        drone.moveForward  (1.0f, 2sec)


For SDK implementations in other languages, see:

Have fun!


The new version (just released) now supports video streaming!


A small video tutorial on how to perform autonomous flips with the Fantom Parrot Drone SDK.

Have fun!