Any experience in using Sequoia with parrot bebop 2?


Is there any piece of code available to send as flight plan for image capture to the Sequoia sensor from Bebop 2, similar to how it would be sent to the parrot disco-pro ag?


Dear @mmanso
To the best of my knowledge, there is no such piece of code. The only way so far would be to create a flight plan with FreeFlight Pro (make sure that the speed of the drone and the altitude match your need) and start either a timelapse or a GPS lapse on Sequoia.
No automation of the process for Bebop2 has been carried out.
I’d also like to point out that the integration of Sequoia on a Bebop2 is not a trivial task as the added weight and the power consumption of the camera highly reduce the flight autonomy.


Thank you Clement

Just yesterday I saw that this possibility exists, programming timelapse or to GPS lapse so that sequoia take the images.

This is not the best or optimun solution but it is an possibility.