AR-Drone 2.0 SDK Documentation


Hi there pilots,

I am writing my own AR-Drone 2.0 SDK and I was looking for a detailed technical documentation. I tried to read the ARDrone_Developer_Guide.pdf but it seems incomplete. For example in the pdf it only mentions 8 AT commands but in the ARDroneLib within at_msgs.h it seems that there are more (correct me if I’m wrong)



I guess I’ll have to assume that there is no proper documentation by the response to this question…



Did you find this document? I´m looking for it too. I need the task model and task activation model present on AR.Drone.





I believe the ARDrone_Developer_Guide.pdf (in the SDK 2.0) to be pretty complete. Or, given that the SDK 2.0 is now unsupported, it’s as good and as complete as it’s going to get!

Yes, there are more AT* commands in the code (e.g. at_msgs.h) than listed in the developer guide, but I figure these are unsupported commands and either of no interest to the casual developer, or there’s a better way to perform the same task.

For example, the undocumented AT*LED command has been superseded with the leds:leds_anim config - which is arguably better because the drone acknowledges config commands.

As for task and task activation models, I’m afraid I’ve no idea what they are. Your best bet is to search through the SDK code.