ARCHIVE: Parrot Announcement - Release of application notes (discussion)


I don’t need dataset at this time, I bought it but it’s a shame … There is no dataset on parrot but you made sequoia with micasense, so why refering to pix4d now and you told one post above that you are not pix4d … If I know this, I will never buy this product ! May be I woud have to buy TSL25911 Ambient Light Sensor appart.
Yes it’s a problem, because we have to add another workflow to decode it … I’m sorry but if you promote irradiance and sunshine sensor, you have to provide it in exif or software to decode it and have it in clear !

I need a solution for invoice, because I have problem in process with customs at this time …


Yes I’ve written code to extract the irradiance list and decode it from the exif tags and shared my code for doing so on this forum for anyone to use. The annoying thing is that it took Parrot many months to release this information after they started selling the Sequoia and Parrot still haven’t released enough information for us to perform calibration ourselves, e.g. the issue with exposure compensation and talk of needing information on the CMOS sensor which Parrot can’t release publicly.

My point was that EITHER Parrot needs to provide (‘and we will’ - but when we’ve been waiting months and months already) enough information so that we can perform the calibration ourselves, BUT if Parrot won’t or can’t provide all the required information THEN Parrot must supply a library that we can use that performs the calibration. This calibration library doesn’t have to come from Pix4d, it’s up to Parrot where they get the library from.


Agree : users are sadly beta testers …
Does anyone receive any reply from email sent to ?



That’s it ! I have some task to do which does not require photogrammetry process but single image. I wish to use it in this purpose but now it’s very boring …


I received a reply a couple of days ago asking to set up a phone call and asking for details on who I am and what sort of work I’m doing with the Sequoia etc. I haven’t heard back yet after I replied.


I would like to know also !


The sad news is here : they don’t provide a really calibrated camera, so I understand they can’t provide information :


Dear @kikislater, could you please share the source of this discussion?
I don’t understand why you claim that this means that we don’t provide a really calibrated camera.
If you or this user have problems with Pix4D Mapper, I suggest you redirect your complaints to their user support forum, this forum is for the camera itself and not the software that process the data.


My name is Philippe Duvivier, I am in charge of Business Development at Parrot for the AG sector.
@kikislater we do appreciate your efforts to integrate Sequoia in your workflow, as it obviously serves a mutual interest, however the tone of the discussion here looks definitely counterproductive to me. I will try to establish a direct contact with you outside of this forum.


@Jman841 I will also try to contact you directly.


Philippe the best way to defuse this is for Parrot to release the application note as soon as possible.


Excellent, I look forward to the conversation. I think I will have had conversations with almost everyone in your company by now.


What is surprising is that I’ve never been contacted by parrot (even if I send us the famous mail). Suddendly, I post something about a non happy user with sequoia and everyone from parrot want to contact me … That’s not common !