ARDrone SDK 2.0 Navdata Undocumented Fields


Hi all,

I’m using the SDK 2.0 to get navdata from an AR Drone 2.0 for my masters dissertation and I notice there are a lot of interesting variables such as “Demo_drone_camera_trans_x [-]” and “Vz_body [mm/s]” which sound like they may be useful for me.

However, I can’t find descriptions for what these values are anywhere, the developer guide PDF doesn’t seem to contain any documentation about the navdata received. Could anyone point me in the direction of something that will let me understand what all these values being logged are? I’m using the Linux navigation example to record them.


The NavData structures are described in their raw format in:


But as to what they actually mean is anybody’s guess!

If you look at the documentation and code for other SDKs, such as Pythons PS-Drone, sometimes the author gives hints as to what they’ve noticed certain data means.