ARDrone SDK 2.0 - Simple example of use


Due to the fact that right now I am not able to compile the sdk_demo (here_the_problem), i wonder if some would mind to share a simple example of to start the communication with the drone or simple things like take if off …

It would be a great contribution. Thanks in advance!


What’s your programming language of choice?

The official SDK is written in C but it’s all a protocol over standard TCP / UDP sockets - so there are plenty of alternatives written in other languages.

I myself have written an AR Drone 2.0 SDK for the Fantom Programming Language but I know there are similar for Node.js, Python, C#, and Java.

For comparison, code for the Fantom SDK looks like:

drone := Drone().connect
drone.onEmergency = |->| {
    echo("!!! EMERGENCY LANDING !!!")

drone.spinClockwise(0.5f, 3sec)
drone.moveForward  (1.0f, 2sec)