Autonomous flight plan ARMavLink- takeoff function



I am trying to write a program to generate the MavLink file required for the autonomous flight mission. I was wondering if the the takeoff command means that the drone will take off and fly to the given coordinates provided within the parameters of this function or should I create waypointMissionItems separately:

  • @brief Fill a takeoff mission item with the given params and the default params
  • @param[out] missionItem : pointer on the mission item to fill
  • @param[in] latitude : the latitude of the mission item
  • @param[in] longitude : the longitude of the mission item
  • @param[in] altitude : the altitude of the mission item
  • @param[in] yaw : the yaw of the mission item
  • @param[in] pitch : desired pitch
  • @return ARMAVLINK_OK if operation went well, the enum description of the error otherwise
    eARMAVLINK_ERROR ARMAVLINK_MissionItemUtils_CreateMavlinkTakeoffMissionItem(mavlink_mission_item_t
    missionItem, float latitude, float longitude, float altitude, float yaw, float pitch);

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By giving this mission item, the Bebop will take off an directly fly to the given location.
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Thank you so much for your reply, it was helpful indeed :slight_smile: .