Baudrate of minidrones


can someone tell wich baudrate on the BLTE the drones are using?
Like the Parrot Mambo?



No one?
Is it maybe the same like the ar drones?
Only i found this peoject talkiing about minidrones,
but they dont name if they use ble or wifi.
But they name the baudrate of 250000

Can someone verify?




To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a “baudrate” for BLE connections.

If I understand correctly, the project you’ve linked is using an Arduino to acquire data from sensors, then an serial link between the Arduino and a BLE-compatible module, and then the BLE module is using two javascript libraries (one to read serial data from the Arduino, the other to send BLE data to our product).

BLE does not use a single communication channel. When a device is connected, it will expose a number of “characteristics”, which can either be changed by the controller (we use three of these in order to send the commands to the drone) or by the drone (we use two of these to read events & states from the drone), The available bandwidth for each characteristic is determined by timing parameters which should automatically be negotiated when the BLE connection is established (this is completely BLE specific and has nothing to do with our SDK or our products in particular).

Hope this clarified the issue.



thanks thats brings a little light into my research. my intentions at first are a little more basic.
Sending the commands to the drone and receiving. I can establish connection to the drone:
lights are green and on steady, but i neither receive commands nor sent commands are “accepted”.
The graphic should show what i want to do.

so my next step will be checking deeper into the Bluetooth communication:
What else is there to retrieve and send from my BLE module.