Bebop Connection



I was wondering how does parrot bebop 2 connect to the application. Does it use wifi direct or what…?
I want to know this because I want my phone to also connect to another phone via wifi direct while also connecting to the drone. I this possible?



The Bebop Drone creates a wifi access point, and the controller (either a phone or a SkyController) will be a wifi station.

I’m pretty sure that most phones won’t allow both a “standard” wifi connection and a wifi-direct connection at the same time, but if you want to do networking between two phones while connected to the Bebop, you can connect them both to the Bebop access point.

Another solution would be to use a SkyController 2 as the controller, with your phone connected through USB to the SkyController 2 (as this would leave the wifi connection of your phone available).



But can the drone connect to many phones at the same time, and can the drone
read the RSS of each device.
Thank you a lot, your help is much appreciated.