Bebop gps with ROS


Hello everybody,

I have seen that it is possible to use bebop_autonomy with ROS to get some parameters from the Bebop2, like the odometry, and the GPS.

I already managed to subscribe to the /bebop/odom parameter with good results.
However, I subscribed to the /bebop/fix topic, which should give me the gps information (latitude longitude altitude), but I always have the results 500 500 500, which correspond to the fact that no signal GPS is received, with the status value to -1.

Do you know how I can get the real values of the GPS ?

I am doing my tests in a small park (not indoor), and when I launch the FreeFlight Pro app, it tells me that there is a GPS signal received on the drone.

Does someone manage to subscribe with ROS and get what he/she wants ?

Thank you



As this bebop_autonomy is not maintained by Parrot, people you want to reach are maybe not reading often this forum.
That is why I would suggest you to directly open an issue on their github’s page.