BLE characteristics of minidrones


are the BLE characteristics noted somewhere?
I tried to find them in a BLE protocol I recorded but
due to the fact I cant use the SDK and built the
wireshark plugin, it is like searching the needle in a haystack




Here is the list of all the characteristics used by the Minidrones:

  • Service fa00 (write):

  • fa0a : Non-acknowledged commands sent to the drone (PCMD only)

  • fa0b : Acknowledged commands sent to the drone (i.e. Take Off, Flip … anything but the PCMD & the Emergency commands)

  • fa0c : High Priority commands (Emergency only). This allows the emergency command to bypass any command queue

  • fa1e : Acknowledges for data received on fb0e

  • Service fb00 (read):

  • fb0e : Acknowledged data received from the drone (if you don’t send an ack to these data, you’ll receive them 4 times, with 150ms between each retry)

  • fb0f : Non-acknowledged data received from the drone (including but not limited to the battery level)

  • fb1b : Acknowledges for data sent in the fa0b characteristic

  • fb1c : Acknowledges for data sent in the fa0c characteristic

You can then find the higher level protocols (ARNetworkAL & ARNetwork) used by the SDK, with these characteristics, in the SDK Protocol documentation. Please note that the documentation page about the characteristics ID does not take in account the full service number (so if the doc refer to a writable characteristic with the id f00a, its complete ID will be fa0a. The same goes for readable characteristics in the fb service)