Boot fail need to reset SLAM Dunk



Is there a way to flash the SLAM dunk back to a factory image? I’m stuck unable to boot.

I edited /etc/network/interfaces and using vi I think I messed it up and now it gets stuck on boot.



You can take a look at the “Via a USB flash driver” update instructions:

Hope this helps.


I ended up putting this file: on a FAT formatted USB drive and it updated and fixed the issue.


I followed the instructions in

but this did not work for me.

I am confused about the point “pressing the multifunction for 3 secs”. What actually is the multifunction button? I assumed it is the one between the LEDs on the outside of the slamdunk, is that correct?

In the dev docs I also found a picture of the inside of the slamdunk. Just because I do not want to break anything, I would like to ask if that could be the correct button?




i followed the description by @akkasuddin

strange. did not understand this but at least it works.