Camera tilt angles with FlightPlan issue - issue redirected from Parrot CS&S



I am redirected here from Parrot Customer Service & Support. My issue is:

I am the user of Flightplan. I have an issue with camera tilt settings/values. My drone is Bebop 2 Power. The default camera position should have the value 0 degrees (as user user manual says). In Flightplan I have to set value around -14 degrees to keep similar horizon position, as camera in my drone has default just after switch on.
When I define the high values of the angle - I almost cannot see difference between high values as 70 and 80 degrees.

For your information - I do drone calibration and horizon trim regularly. Using Skycontroller, the camera angles are OK. It seems to be problem connected to use with FlightPlan only.

During tests I used two different Android devices - Huawei smartphone and Huawei tablet. I have no access to Apple devices.

I made reset of drone already - did not help.

Thank you in advance for any help.


This may prove helpful: Create Mavlink Create Panorama Mission Item and Flight Plan are broken - very weird results


Thank you for quick response.

Situation is a bit clearer now. Unfortunately it is only knowledge, that problem with tilt angle appeared already. As ordinary user of Bebop 2 I am not able to change anything - just wait for the software corrections. I do not see, that problem is solved, as it was imputed in forwarded posts…

Do I understand properly - the only way to have correct tilt angle values is just manual correction?
For example - to get 0 deg angle, I have to define -13 deg. in FlightPlan?
Correct me, if I am wrong, please.


I have the same question. Thank you!