Can I use the battery of AR.DRONE 2.0 for Bebop drone?


Hi everyone,
I have a Bebop drone. Unfortunately, all my battery are not rechargeable. I cannot buy the new one right now.
I wonder can I use the battery of AR.Drone 2.0 in the Bebop drone.
I see two kinds of them have the same specifications related to battery.

please help me! thank you so much!


I know this is an old post now but for who may concerns, you can use Ar.drone 2 battery with bebop 1 I have tried myself with my team on our bebop1 since both battries of ar2 and bebop1 have same port type, we have tested the ar2 battery on bebop with simple takeoff and land command, however we noticed that the stability of the bebop movement got affected.