Configuring ports on which ARSDK listens


Product: Bebop2
SDK version: 3.10.1
Use of libARController: YES
SDK platform: Unix

I have recently updated to SDK 3.10.1 and now on every run the SDK communicates with the drone on different ports, while in the previous version it always used the same ports.

Is there a way to configure stable ports for communication?
(both control and RTP stream)

I want to run the SDK in a Docker container / VM and would like to know which ports to forward.
I would be grateful for your assistance.


Hi! Have you found the answer? I am trying to do the same, but no success so far


To achieve this, I have modified the SDK’s code by reverting the commits that introduce dynamic ports:

To put that version into the build process, I modified some files of the build system:

That worked for 3.10.1, but hard to say what happens for the current version if you revert the commits.


Thank you for your answer! Though I use python library and not official SDK, the problem looks similar - discovering device fails. It happens in Zeroconf, mDNS returns a printer instead of a drone. Still, will be figuring this out.