Connection without WIFI to AR Drone 2.0


Hello. I’ve changed the /etc/init.d/rcS file of my drone but I made a mistake and replace it with an empty file. The problem is that this script launches the script. Thus now, when I boot my drone the associated Access Point is never started and as a consequence I cannot connect to the drone anymore. My question is just: how can I connect to the drone without using the wifi? Thanks.



If your wifi is not starting, you can have a shell access on the AR.Drone 2.0 by UART.

Depending on your motherboard version, the bottom connector pinout can vary (v1 / v2). You can recognize the version by looking at the number of pins in the bottom connector.

Note that you can damage your motherboard if you plug the UART in a wrong way!

If you don’t manage to fix your issue, you can also change the motherboard, as the new one will come with a good firmware pre-installed.



Thank you Nicolas, I will check using UART and keep you informed. Have a nice day. Frederic