Controlling Bebop 2 from computer


Hi everyone!

I would like to know if it is possible to send commands from a computer to control the Bebop 2 drone from the Parrot SDK. Basically I want to use my computer instead of my Android or iOS device.

I tried to use the open source AutoFlight software I found online, but it is not connecting correctly to my Bebop. Is there any way to do that?

I am sorry if my question seems very basic, I am still new to this community…

Thank you!!


Hi Saadallah,
there’s a guide for Unix/Linux users. Basically, you have to rebuild both the SDK and the examples.
You can find the guide at this link:

You will need repo to clone the repository. Instruction for repo are here:

Good luck… let me know if you need help.


Hi elBarto @elBarto
I have build the SDK and run the sample in my linux computer.But I can’t use WIFI to link my bebop2.So,what should I do to controller my bebop2??
Thank you!!


Hi @xx-y,
first of all, you could check that your computer is connected to the bebop2 access point (no password required). Is your computer using 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi band? 2.4 is the default for the bebop2, but eventually you could change it.
Then, please check your wifi network settings, they should be set to “Dynamic IP address (DHCP)” in order to have an ip address assigned by the bebop2 access point.
Finally, you could use the “ifconfig” command to check that your computer has been given a proper ip address: it should be in the range -
I hope these tips will help you solve the problem, please let me know.