Creating a simple app for a "Rolling spider" via bluetooth


I want to make a simple app for the rolling spider i’m still on the setup stage and I’m kind of stuck…

I’m using ubuntu 14.04 and android studio so far I did everything right (I think…)

but when I add to my dependencies the " compile ‘com.parrot:arsdk:3.8.3’ " I’m little lost…

I don’t know where the ARSDK.loadSDKLibs(); needs to go? to the mainActivety file or in the same gradle file or somewhere else?

hope someone can help…

Thank You.



We are providing samples that shows you how to do that.
You can clone them from here:

git clone

Then with Android Studio, open the settings.gradle located in SDKSample/buildWithPrecompiledSDK.

For information, the LoadSDKLibs call is located here, in the first activity which needs the SDK libs (which is, in the samples, the first activity :slight_smile:).

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Thanks a lot for the quick response! you are AWESOME!!!

I’m do that! I got one more little question if I may…

why does my AndroidStudio says :

cannot resolved mArdiscoveryServicesDevicesListUpdatedReceiver ?

my class deceleration looks like this…

public class CT extends Application implements ARDiscoveryServicesDevicesListUpdatedReceiverDelegate {…}

Thank You very much!!!


Did you declare the var ?

If you want an example, it is done here.

If your class implements ARDiscoveryServicesDevicesListUpdatedReceiverDelegate, then you can replace mArdiscoveryServicesDevicesListUpdatedReceiver by this.



It’s embarrassing even for a rookie like me…
thank you very much for your patience!!!
and quick response I hope our conversation will help others too…

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :grinning: