Details for BlueTooth Commands (I'm writing a C# wrapper for Windows 10)


Hi team

I’m writing a C# wrapper for .Net so a Windows 10 app can connect to the Rolling Spider using Bluetooth LE. So far I’ve

  • Identified and connected to the bluetooth device
  • Identified the specific characteristics for Motors, DAteTime, etc (based on Jessica experience [link)

So now, I got my Windows 10 tablet “connected” to the Parrot Rolling Spider, however I need to start to understand the format of the command to be sent to the device.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to get into this?

Thanks in advance

/El Bruno


Hey Bruno, you can have a look at the nodeJS implementation :

They are sending direct commands using BLE.



Thanks Jerome! that sample rocks
I’ll go on from there
/El Bruno


Hi EI Bruno. Nice to meet you. I am also interested in the application of controlling Rolling Spider Drones on windows. How is your project going so far?


Hi elbruno!

Do you have the format of the command?
I could not see the command packet to be sent but command functions from the github recommanded by Jerome.
Please let me know if you have them.

I know, all command are contained in following files;

Hoever, I don’t know what is the correct command sequence for initialize and take off…


Hello Bruno, I’m also very interested in how your project is going. Can you share some of your progress?


Hi, I also would like to know any news about how your project is going. A C# wrapper would be excellent to many developers.


Please refer following: