Drone wifi interferring with android app


Im creating an android app that uses google maps. however, because i have to be connected to the Bebop drones wifi, the google map cannot load because it needs data. How do i go about fixing this?




It should be possible to preload the map, as FreeFlight and Pix4D Capture (among other apps) are doing it.
Be sure to read the Maps API licence requirements.



There is an awesome open source maps tool for Android that I used as my reference point. It is a full blown standalone map solution but within it you can extract out some very good details for providers such as Google, Bing, arcGIS, MapQuest, USGS, and many others.

Once you know the underlying tile layout and URLs you can build your own tile provider for retrieving and caching them. Be sure to understand the limitations for each underlying provider from a licensing perspective. Google and Bing, for example, only allow for 30 days of local storage.

I’ll post back shortly with the project I used as my reference point.



and here are a couple good stack exchange / overflow posts on building a custom tile provider if you choose to use the Android Maps API:



Thank you so much!!!


You’re very welcome.