FF3 Open Source


Product: Bebop2
Product version: 4.0.5
SDK version: 3.x
Use of libARController: Not yet
SDK platform: Android
Reproductible with the official app: [YES/NO/Not tried]

I built an AR.Drone 2.0 control app I modified from FF2 that I need to port to control a Bebop2 running the latest firmware.

Has FF3 been open sourced yet? If not is there an open source controller based on the 3.x SDK this community uses?? Any suggestions appreciated…



The SDK 3 comes with samples, for Android, iOS and native Linux/macOS apps. These samples can be used as a basis for your applications.

FreeFlight 2 source code (actually, an old version of FreeFlight 2) was given as part of the SDK2 because the SDK did not have any other proper sample code. As the SDK3 does have such sample apps, we won’t release the source code of newer FreeFlight apps.



Thanks Nicholas for the clear and rapid response on a weekend :slight_smile: I have looked at the samples.

As to the 2nd part of my original question, has a 3rd party or anyone in your developer community created an open source controller based on ARDroneSDK3?

I would really appreciate keeping the momentum going forward for my project by using newer Parrot drones and not have to step back to write/debug a new control app as well as other research features.


Turns out the SDKv3 samples was what the doctor ordered, thanks!