Firmware Update




Can anyone comment on when will the firmware 4.1.0 be available?
(It is required for drone’s communication with Parrot SLAM DUNK)

Thank you


It is already possible to communicate with the Bebop 2 drones. We have done that.


Can you explain or give pointer to some resource that explains how to achieve that? I followed steps mentioned in official guide and it has not worked for me (they have mentioned that networking part will be readily available with firmware 4.1.0)



We use bebop autonomy ( Follow the instructions for compiling it. Then, launch while attached to the bebop 2 using the USB micro-AB to USB micro-B adapter that comes with the SLAM dunk. You’ll have to modify the bebop_node.launch file to use the correct IP address and bebop 2 (IP should be and bebop2). Make sure that after you plug in the USB cable to the bebop you get an adapter and IP address from that connection. Once you’re connected, you should be able to see the topics from the bebop when you run a ‘rostopic list’.


That worked. Thanks a ton!!