First touch with AD Drone


Hi everybody,
I’m first time on this forum and please don’t trow bricks in me.
Could somebody answer on couple my question?
I want to understand is it possible to keep receiving image from bottom camera and make some analyze of received picture? I saw couple videos where people was able to receive pics from front camera and analyze some barriers. I want to do same just for bottom camera.

Does any drones have programmable digital I/O? Or maybe some supportable protocols where I can connect external device to drone and make trigger for this device from drone?

Thank you in advance!



The AR Drone streams video over a TCP port and it can be configured to stream either the front or the bottom camera. What you then do with the video stream, analyse or otherwise, it up to you. See the Developer Guide in SDK 2.0 for more details.

As for a programmable I/O see this Droneduino article which explains how to connect and communicate with an AR Drone with an Arduino device over a serial port.


Thank you for reply!

Could you also tell me please a lot of different video analyse project. Does AR Drone has some open source lib for these needs? I would be appreciated if you can tell me at least one name of lib)
Thank you!


There’s nothing specific to the AR Drone but I I’ve heard people mention OpenCV in other topics.