Fish eye correction


Yes, you are correct. I assume by now you would have noticed that the trick is backpropagation. You start with undistorted points in master plane and add anomaly (i.e. distortion/mis-registration) effect using your mathematical model. Then you pick up pixel values at those distorted pixel locations and just put them in actual place you started with.

And since it’s not necessary that the distorted pixel locations are integer, you might wanna use bi-linear /bicubic interpolation method (OpenCV has support for many).

I had written some stuff based on that to make it easy for people to understand. If I found some time, I would try to extract that and post it here for other people.


Hi @muzammil360,

I am using the external and internal parameters from calibration camera process in Pix4D. Are they correct to project undistorted 3D points in master plane or the sequoia distortion may affect to the previous calibration?

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