How to connect SLAMDUNK with bebop2?


Hi, Guys!

I want to connect SLAMDUNK with Bebop2.

I saw the topic that How to connect SLAMDUNK with bebop2, but the topic was deleted.

Help Me. Guys.

How to connect SLAMDUNK with bebop2?


Hi !

Normally, in the box of the SLAMdunk, there is a Small wire, micro usb A to micro USB b.

Just plug them.
If you were talking about how to connect the battery of the bebop to the Slamdunk, you first need to buy the missing wire (if I remeber well the XT60 female connector is missing), and then solder the wire to the battery.

However, I think that if you do that, the warranty of your bebop will no longer be available :confused:

I try to find the document where the soldering is explained


Thank for your answer!

A few week ago, I saw the topic that connects SLAMDUNK with bebop2
(If you search Google, there is an image.[TUTO] Change Bebop 2 flight controller settings to carry the S.L …)

But, deleted this topic :frowning2:



I found it on the google cache:

[TUTO] Change Bebop 2 flight controller settings to carry the S.L.A.M.dunk
HugoY 2017-01-31 12:44:27 UTC #1

The purpose of this tutorial is to change the Bebop 2 flight controller settings to carry a S.L.A.M.dunk on top of it.
Without those changes the Bebop 2 oscillates in such situation.
Those new settings are not impacting the Bebop 2 flight without a Parrot S.L.A.M.dunk.

Please note that Bebop 2 firmware 4.1.0 (unfortunately not released yet) will integrate those modifications natively.


  • Connect to Parrot Bebop 2

On your workstation connect to Bebop 2 Wi-Fi. Press four times on the Bebop 2 power button (it activates telnet on the drone).
Use telnet to access the drone:

  • Modify the controller configuration:

Enter dev mode:


Update the flight controller configuration file:

    cat << EOF > etc/colibry/milosboard/controller.cfg
    # Controllers

    # Angles

    gainsQuaternionDefault :
      thetaKP = 157.6; # [s-2]
      thetaKI = 0.0; # [s-3]
      thetaKD = 26.7; # [s-1]
      thetaKDD = 0.0; # No units
      phiKP = 157.6; # [s-2]
      phiKI = 0.0; # [s-3]
      phiKD = 26.7; # [s-1]
      phiKDD = 0.0; # No units
      psiKP = 50.0; # [s-2]
      psiKI = 10.0; # [s-3]
      psiKD = 11.0; # [s-1]
      psiKDD = 0.0; # No units
    gainsQuaternionFlip :
      thetaKP = 264.7408; # [s-2]
      thetaKI = 264.7408; # [s-3]
      thetaKD = 33.0926; # [s-1]
      thetaKDD = 0.5295; # No units
      phiKP = 242.5376; # [s-2]
      phiKI = 242.5376; # [s-3]
      phiKD = 30.3349; # [s-1]
      phiKDD = 0.4879; # No units
      psiKP = 0.0;  # [s-2]
      psiKI = 10.0; # [s-3]
      psiKD = 0.0; # [s-1]
      psiKDD = 0.0; # No units

    # Speed

    maxSpeedIntegral = [11.6667, 11.6667]; # [deg]

    echo "Reboot your Bebop 2"
  • Restart the Bebop 2 using the power button

You’re done.

As for the battery, there is another way than opening the bebop, you can put an extra battery on top of the slamdunk if you need to. I’ve flown the thing with a bebop 1 battery without further modification to the bebop firmware.
You still need the extra wire though :slight_smile:


Hi Notou,
I’ve tried this process and once complete the bebop 2 fails to boot i.e. slow flashing red power light, I can still telnet in and deleting the contents of the controller.cfg file:

echo > “” etc/colibry/milosboard/controller.cfg

and rebooting gets me back to a bootable bebop. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve checked all spelling, semicolons etc and no mistakes!