How to get custom firmware for Parrot Mambo?


Product: Mambo
I want to do
As I knew this question had been asked before as following

"Those demonstration uses custom firmwares, and all drones are completely autonomous during the demonstration.

Such firmwares uses components not available in the official firmware (such as 3d positionning using the square patterns on the ground and image processing from the bottom facing camera), so you won’t be able to do the same with the official firmware.


However, the BIG QUESTION is: How I can get or buy that custom firmware that allow me to do image processing and perform such show?

Can I start with this?

As I knew somebody tried to do that before but got some problem as mentioned in this post


Hello cevo

Did you found something about your wish to make a flying dance pattern with mambo ?

I wish to make a little pattern with 2 mambo in same time .

With tynker I can only pilot one drone and not 2 or 3 or more :frowning:


The BIG ANSWER is : you can’t :slight_smile:
The Open source repo for mambo lists the open source components used in the Mambo firmware.
Eventually, you can use and code the image pattern recognition yourself!