How to move Bebop Drone?


So I am trying to move my drone forward. So I should set the pitch and flag. What I need is to move the drone forward and then stop and hover in its place. I am doing this but nothing is happening.

            mBebopDrone.setFlag((byte) 1);
            mBebopDrone.setPitch((byte) 40);

I am using andriod and relying on the SDK sample.
I think the problem is in setting the flags? Can anyone help please?
Thank you.



You’re missing an important point… For example if you do this (supposed mView is a visible view):


Your view won’t blink from gone to visible. It will just stay visible.

To make your drone move, and then after x seconds stop, you should do a pause of x seconds between the move command (setFlag(1) & setPitch(40)) and the stop command (setFlag(0)).

Also, please note that you should (but not required to) also set back the pitch to 0.



Let’s say I need my drone to move forward by one exactly 1(one) meter how can I achieve this? I am not able to know how much it is moving. Thank you


Your best bet for accomplishing this would be through trial and error with the move commands. By varying the pitch you’ll be able to find which values work best for what you’re trying to accomplish.


As stated in the documentation, the piloting command pitch value (to move forward and backward) is expressed in percentage of the max pitch/roll setting, which is in degree. So you can’t exactly know the distance the drone will do for a given time.

That being said, you have two options:

  • You can either, as @mmmeh said, try and adjust the pitch value (or the maxPitchRoll setting).
  • Use RelativeMove that enables you to tell the drone to move relatively to its current position.


If I want to use the relative Move should I reset the flags and pitch values to zero after calling the sendPilotingMoveBy function or it just moves and stop by its own? And what is the current position, is it the initial takeoff position or the current position the drone moved to?Thank you and sorry for burdening you with my questions.