I want to get images from both front camera and bottom camera at the same time


hi. i’m developing a automatically controlled drone system.
so i wan to get images from both front and bottom camera at the same time.
but i’m not sure it is possible to get the both images at same time.
is it possible??
how can i do that??
please recommend me~


As far as I know the downward facing camera isn’t exposed via the API on the bebop like it is on the ardrone.

I imagine you could pull a raw frame directly off the drone though.


Thank you for your reply.
I forgot writing that i’m using ardrone 2.0
you mean ardrone is possible through API right???
i had some troubles to get both in the same time.
but i had succeded front and bottom image by turns.


Ah, okay. You’re going to have to go at it the same way with ardrone. Only one stream is transmitted at a time.


Hello, yongjun. This is Jerry. I am facing the same problem with you. May I ask which file did you get your camera data from? I want to get images from both cameras by turns, since it isn’t possible to get both at the same time.


By the way, I am using ardrone 2.0 as well.