Image Orientation Tag Explanation


Hi guys, I am facing an issue with the orientation tag in exif. Images from my camera have a value of 180 degree rotation whereas the sample dataset available online has orientation tag of 0 degree (Horizontal-normal).

What do they indicate? Why would there be a need of orientation? And more important, when does sequoia writes it 180 degree rotated and when does it write it 0 degree rotated?

@clement.fallet, any suggestions on that?


Hi @muzammil360,

Which sample dataset are you looking at?
Sequoia tags all images with the same rotation.

If you take an image while being able to read “Parrot” on its back the right way up, the image will be the right way up.
For aerial photography up is arbitrary, really.


Hi @domenzain, I am looking at the dataset shared here.

This dataset tags the Orientation as Horizontal(normal) whereas the images in my camera have Orientation tag with value Rotate 180.

Yes, I agree up is really arbitrary.

But lets say I have two cameras A and B. Camera A writes images with Horizontal(normal) and camera B writes with Rotate 180, how is the data written to the files related?

There are two possibilities that come to my mind:

  • Data written to camera B is 180 degree rotated (for reason unknown to me) and exif tags tells me to rotate it after reading to make the picture comparable (orientation wise) to camera A.
  • Data written to camera B is similar in orientation to camera A and exif tags tells me that Sequoia was installed on drone such that its head was towards the tail of drone (just like a tag is put in consumer cameras to indicate the orientation of camera while the photo is being taken)

If it is the first case, can I change the settings somewhere that the image is always written with tag Horizontal(normal)?

If it is the second case, then installing the camera on drone such that head is in direction of flight should produce orientation tag with Horizontal(normal). What do you say about that?


That dataset seems to come from a release candidate and not from stable firmware.
Do you have a link to the page that points there?

Sequoia does not alter the tag dynamically. Simply put, the sensor is physically upside-down with respect to the Parrot logo on its dissipater. For a very small aspect of user experience, the orientation is tagged for viewers to rotate the image.

In any case, the images are always stored in the order in which the image is read into memory from the sensor. If you simply ignore the tag, the data will be aligned the same way for all Sequoia.


Please check this link.

Thanks a lot.