Image streaming ubuntu


I want to develop object detection and tracking using the Bebop drone
I have no expertise on Andriod or IOS Dev.
I have worked on many image processing projects in C#, unfortunately, I didn’t find SDK for C# or Java for windows
so I will start with ubuntu, is there any Tutorials or Samples for Entry developer on Ubuntu Bebop unix SDK ?



There is a Unix Sample for the Bebop:

Here is how to build it:


Hi –

My ultimate goal is to control the drone by piping output from a python program.

So far I run the following on my Mac which is connected via WiFi to the drone:

./out/arsdk-native/staging/ ./out/arsdk-native/staging/usr/bin/BebopSample

I am prompted for Bebop 1 or Bebop 2. After entering 2 I am at an empty command prompt.

What am I supposed to do next?