Intending to buy, will I be able to stream video and send commands through pc


Hello. I intend to purchase an ardrone 2 for a university project. I would like to know if, using the ardrone 2 sdk will I be able to stream video back to my computer and will I be able to control the drone from my computer?


Yes, I too am using the drone for my university and have successfully been able to navigate (take off, move around, take images, etc.) as well as have it stream video feed in real-time, albeit a bit laggy, to a laptop.

Edit: Note that is for the Bebop Drone 2, however I can only assume by extension that it is more than possible with the AR Drone 2.



The SDK for the AR.Drone & AR.Drone 2 is no longer officially supported: We still distribute the last version of the source and the documentation, but we don’t maintain it for “newer” systems (as an example, 64bits versions of linux are not supported by the AR.Drone SDK).

The Bebop 2 is the “suggested” drone for that kind of work. It works with the newer (and supported !) ARSDK 3 (you can find the doc here, and it includes linux samples), and has better flight & battery characteristics than the Bebop 1 (and even more improvements when compared to the AR.Drones)

If you really want to stick with the AR.Drones, you may be able to find non-official versions of the SDK updated for newer OSes, but we (Parrot) won’t provide any support on these :wink:



Hi, which language do you use?

We also program our drone over the pc but we have a few problems with the livestream and the gps coordinates. We use C# (VisualStudio) and control the drone with AT-Commands. Can you give us a small tip? :wink: