Java interface of native libraries



I’m completly new with the Parrot drones, but I would like to build into an AI framework a connection to the drones, so the drones can be get an intelligent controlling of their flight commands. For first testing purpose I’m using a Airborne Night drone.

So first of all I build the SDK from the source under my OSX 10.11, I get a bunch of dylib files. My AI framework is written in Java 8, so my question is, is there a Java framework which encapsulate all the native libraries? I find only Android components. Should I write my own JNI / JNA wrapper around the native libraries? I need only the command, discovery and data transmission components for my system, so I’m thinking I need all libAR* libraries. I’m using Maven for building the Java part, is there exists a Maven package?

My goal is, that I can control the flight behaviour in realtime of the drone from my computer which based on the AI algorithms.The project is similar to the Rolling Spider Swarm, but I try focused on the AI part (the project should be later published under OpenSource).

Thanks a lot for helping



The “Java-language” API is indeed made for Android so it is using the Android SDK.
If you want to use is in plain Java, you should probably re-write the JNI part of libARSAL, libARDiscovery, libARNetwork, libARNetworkAL and libARController. Without further investigation, I would say that you only need those libs to make your project work.


I think this is a good solution, so I will rewrite the Java part with JNI.
I will create a bundle of the Java and native part and publish this

Thanks for your answer


Is there a documentation of the function call of the libraires, I don’t find a documentation for the calls and a description of the paramters on the website?