Jumping sumo move while charging


Product: [Jumping Night Sumo]
Software version 2.1.77
Hw version HW_02

Hello there,
I am new to this forum and also to drone development. I am developing a solution for home surveillance prototype with jumping sumo drone using nodejs to control the drone. Everything is working like a harm (thx to https://github.com/eschnou/ardrone-webflight and https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-sumo-client). The only and big problem i have is battery :slight_smile:
I have found a solution of wireless charging via usb BUT the problem is the drone while charging closes wifi (logical and absolutely right) and as result i can not control it (move, video stream etc) with usb wireless charger is connected. Is there anyway (with my own risk) to bypass it? (somewhere in busybox?)

I appreciate a lot any help.


Any reply???
I will appreciate a lot .



The only official answer I can get you is “No, you can’t use the Jumping Sumo while charging”. We won’t provide any support for any firmware modification.



I thought that this was a developer forum. Right? Any modifications in order to success goals means developing with own risk.
As the company has the source code in the drone accessible for anyone, should provide some information (with own risk) if asked.
In any case thx a lot for the reply.