Loops and roll in FPV with Disco?


Hi everyone,

just bought myself a Disco, and I learnt that it is impossible, other than having a RC dedicated remote, to fully liberate the disco and be able to do loops and rolls. The interest of such a product is to have a plane-like experience, and furthermore with the same immersion.

So is there at this point some beta or custom firmware allowing for full commands in FPV mode, or is it something happening in a short future?

I won’t keep my disco and ask for a refund otherwise, because with such a price and capabilities, we shouldn’t have to choose between immersion and realistic commands.




This is a user related question, I suggest you to post your message on the Disco support forum. On this forum, your needs might be answered (I hope they’ll be!).



hi, I don’t know’if you are from the parrot team, but this is the mail i received when I contacted the support:

if you dont understand french, they asked me to go ask my question here. I deduce no one know anything and my question will remain unanswered.



I’ve talked to the support team, they’ll get in touch with you.