Mambo aerial assembly


Product: Mambo

hi community

i am a student of a group who does reasearch on aerial assembly by drones.
One of the main goals is to have a drone ready for other students to put
in data by Rhino/Grasshopper and have the drones assemble it, of course
with a ultra low budget. We don’t want to start from scratch on.

There are similar projects like ETH Zürich:

So the tought was to modify the Mambo drone with an additional sensor (binary)
to verify grabbing. And then have a basemachine with an arduino bluetooth transmitter
to let the drone fly on command and autopilot collecting and placing small wood cubes
in a certain pattern maybe stack em.

kind regards



can give me a hint?

say you cant really programm the quadcopter to move otherwise or whatever?
not everything must be a completet solution - propably were going to have start and landing bays eg