Minidrone takeoff with BLED112 dongle


I am trying to control the Parrot Minidrones (Mambo and Cargo) with a raspberry PI and a Bluetooth dongle BLED112. Despite the existence of a nodejs library, I needed to be able to use Python. I then started to write my own code. The following resources have been very useful to connect to the drone and be able to make sense of the different channel and understand how to write simple command

However I am not able to send a take off command to the drone, even after I followed the instructions to notify different channel in this topic

My code is available on Git. I can check that I am the notification are written but the take off functions does not produce any results on the drone. Am I missing something?




I’m looking for Python code that can connect to the Minidrone with BLE. The only working example is the spider-drone, but I need it in Python…
I have tried to use your code without success. How do you know the drone IP?



You can use hcitool with the following command
hcitool lescan

It will scan for available ble device around. This seems to be the easiest way to obtain the MAC address.
The code is currently not working but I am switching to a proper BLE dongle and not the BLED112. Hopefully I should be able to get a working prototype soon.


Ok, thanks! would love to see it works!