MJPEG from Bebop 1


Hey there,

is it possible to get a stream of MJPEG instead of h.264? Iā€™m using the ARSDK3 on Unix with the first bebop as target.

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No it is not possible. Bebops can only stream their video in h264.



Hi Djavan,

thanks for that quick reply.


Excuse me guys, this topic seems to be MJPEG related right? I also have a related question. Recently, I got a video of MJPEG from someone else and it was from a camcord i think. I could not open it with our common players like Windows Media Player and VLC. Then, I find a converter in the article ā€œhttp://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/mjpeg-converter.htmlā€. But here come the questions. I want to convert it to MP4 for playback, however, I do not know how I can preset the parameters. There are bit rate, resolution and frame rate. I want to know whether the higher bit rate and resolution I set, the better output quality and a higher definition it will be? What is the difference between bit rate and resolution? I cannot understand it. Another question is should I choose MPEG4 or H264 as the output format, which one is better?