Move Camera doesn't go to absolute tilt/pan


Product: [Bebop2]
Product version: [4.2.1]
SDK version: [3.12.6]
Use of libARController: [YES]
SDK platform: [iOS/Android/Unix/Python…]
Reproductible with the official app: [NO]

Hi there,

After updating the Bebop2 Firmware and the SDK I noticed that the setCameraOrientation/sendCameraOrientation and setCameraOrientationV2/sendCameraOrientationV2 all suffer from the same problem (it didn’t really work properly before either, but now it’s a different problem): The gimbal starts moving to the desired absolute tilt/pan position, but stops shortly afterwards. So for example:

  • We are at tilt:0, pan:0
  • issue a command (any of the 4 mentioned ones) to reach -83;0. -> all the camera does is move to ~-5;0
  • issue the same command (-83;0) again -> it goes to -10;0… and so on. It takes a lot of commands to reach the desired absolute position.

Could someone have a look at that, or generally explain which functions are supposed to do what exactly in the current version, I appreciate any help :slight_smile:


New firmware 4.2.0


I’m sorry but I did not understand what is the problem. Could you describe what you get and what you would expect?
Thanks in advance,


Hi Djavan,

it’s just that I assume a single invocation of the command setCameraOrientation sets the absolute tilt and pan values for the camera. So if I do setCameraOrientation(-60, 0) the camera should move from its current angle (0,0) to (-60,0), correct?

What happens instead is that it starts moving in the right direction (in this example downwards) but doesn’t reach the desired position because it stops after ~0.5s. The result is that the camera points to an angle somewhere between (0,0) and (-60,0). (approximately (-5,0) because it moved downwards for such a short time)

I found a workaround, that is: I send the same command (setCameraOrientation(-60,0)) repeatedly all the time, then the moving of the camera doesn’t stop until it reaches the desired anlgle. I just think it would be more practical and should be enough if a single invocation would already make the camera move to the desired angle.

I hope it’s more clear now,


Ok now I understand. As you describe it, it is, indeed, a bug. I’ll try to do some test and if it is confirmed, we will fix it for the next release.


Thanks for your efforts, I realized I might be using SDK version 3.11.0 which maybe would explain the bug. Sorry for the wrong information but i’m working on/with bebop_autonomy and it should have fetched 3.12.6 via rosdep install… now I’m not entirely sure anymore wihch version it fetches… I also don’t find a way to check which version I’m on :confused:


Okay, sorry my fault, everything works fine after manually updating to SDK 3.12.6…somehow rosdep doesn’t update the version properly and i ended up with 3.11.0, sorry for wasting your time with a non-existing problem


No problem, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: