No image received in rviz


I updated via USB flash drive.

when type ‘gprop’ in SLAM dunk, I see
[persist.ulogcat.persist] : [1]
[ro.buil.alchemy.product]: [kalamos]

[ro.revision]: [6]

when using rviz, I see

The SLAM dunk doesn’t work.

also, when using rqt,

all the topic are not monitored.

Is there any way to fix it?
Please help me. thanks.



I had the same problem some months ago.
I modified the hosts file on my computer to add the ip address of the SLAMdunk.
Now when I launch rviz, it is most of the time working, but sometimes not.
Try to modify the hosts file (/etc/hosts) and it may work

I have a question for you :
how did you update with USB key ?
I put my USB in FAT16 format, put it into my slamdunk, and switched on the slamdunk while pressing the button, but no update :confused:


thank you. I updated SLAM dunk via USB. as you told me