Not able to connect mambo until to reboot iPad


Product: Mambo
Product version: 3.0.17
SDK version: 3.13.1
Use of libARController: YES
SDK platform:iOS
Reproductible with the official app: Yes

This problem can be reproducible by using latest SDK Samples with latest SDK 3.13.1. Procedure is given as follow

  1. power on mambo, firmware version 3.0.17
  2. run latest SDK Samples on iPad Air 2, iOS 11.2.6
  3. click on the mambo ID shown on the “Parrot SDK Sample” list view to connect mambo
  4. wait until the flight controll UI is shown
  5. remove the battery from mambo
  6. wait until the UI back to “Parrot SDK Sample” list view
  7. insert battery back to mambo
  8. repeat 3 - 7 above several times until the mambo can’t be connected anymore
  9. When not able to connect mambo, the flight control UI is shown with “connecting…” message for few seconds and then back to “Parrot SDK Sample” list view automatically.
  10. on the Xcode debug console, following messages are shown

2018-03-07 18:46:26.377616+0800 SDKSample[273:10587] centralManager <CBCentralManager: 0x1c0261580> didDisconnectPeripheral <CBPeripheral: 0x1c8105460, identifier = 63742847-EB30-4B06-B8C2-A293B244D448, name = Mambo_111953, state = disconnected> error: (null)
[ERR] ARDISCOVERY_Device | 18:46:26:377 | ARDISCOVERY_Device_NewARNetworkAL:243 - error: Unknown generic error
[ERR] ARCONTROLLER_Network | 18:46:26:377 | ARCONTROLLER_Network_New:321 - error: BLE disconnection error
[ERR] ARCONTROLLER_Network | 18:46:26:377 | ARCONTROLLER_Network_New:355 - error: Error during the getting of the ARNETWORKAL_Manager from the device
[INF] ARCONTROLLER_Device | 18:46:26:378 | ARCONTROLLER_Device_StartRun:5891 - Start failed or canceled.
[ERR] ARCONTROLLER_Device | 18:46:26:378 | ARCONTROLLER_Device_StopNetwork:7112 - Error occured durring unregistering ARCommands to the feature ARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY_COMMON; error :Bad parameters
[ERR] ARCONTROLLER_Device | 18:46:26:378 | ARCONTROLLER_Device_StopNetwork:7175 - Error occured durring unregistering ARCommands to the feature ARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY_MAPPER_MINI; error :Bad parameters
[ERR] ARCONTROLLER_Device | 18:46:26:379 | ARCONTROLLER_Device_StopNetwork:7184 - Error occured durring unregistering ARCommands to the feature ARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY_MINIDRONE; error :Bad parameters
[ERR] ARCONTROLLER_Device | 18:46:26:379 | ARCONTROLLER_Device_StopRun:5934 - StopNetwork failed with error :Bad parameters
[ERR] ARCONTROLLER_Device | 18:46:26:379 | ARCONTROLLER_Device_StartRun:5899 - Start fail error :Error during the getting of the ARNETWORKAL_Manager from the device

  1. use Freeflight Mini app on the same iPad can’t connect to the mambo as well
  2. have to reboot the iPad in order that the SDK Samples and Freeflight Mini app are able to connect to the mambo again.




Thanks for the report. We will need to check that problem and try to reproduce it. I’ll get back to you if we managed to find a fix.


Problem reproduced on Tynker and Swift Playground.