Odometry failure and gravity alignment


Dear parrot,

From my initial testing with the SLAM DUNK, everything were left as default. I noticed from the rviz, that the odometry loses track easily with normal daytime indoor condition. Besides, with good tracking, the world z-axis gradually diverge from the gravity.

I wonder if this is normal? and if there is any I can do to improve this?
What is the optimal operation environments and what is the limitation?
Is there a way to actively reset the odometry?


I just found out that this issue can be solved by updating the system to the latest version, by following the link below


Also, I found the initialisation is very important for the SLAMDunk to work properly. So when powering up the SLAMDunk, make sure the SLAMdunk is facing an open area with a lot of textures.
I guess the gravity alignment issue was caused by me powering up the SLAMDunk, while it was facing a wall or some very close-by objects.