Parrot Rolling Spider With Windows


Someone Knows how to use Rolling Spider with windows ? Either when it is going to be released ?

I’m trying to use it with MATLAB and I don’t know how to set the connection.



Can anyone help me with this issue please? I still have not got anything.


Rolling Spider uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for connection,
There is a nodeJS framework that is working perfectly on all platforms :


Tks Jerome,

But do you know how to install the drone in windows ? Cause I’m having troubles with this part “npm install rolling-spider”.


What errors did you get when u were installing?


If you are on windows 8 or 10 you can download the freeflight 3 from the windows store


Thats nodeJS library it’s perfect, I am looking for something similar with wifi minidrones (jumping) to be able to write an app on windows, native or web app like this if it’s possible native. ¿Is there any good option?