Possible to change jpeg compression quality for RGB camera?



We are looking to purchase Sequoia cameras to be used on the drones we supply to customers. However looking at the sample data at:

We weren’t particularly impressed with the image quality of the RGB sample image compared to the quality we are used to with our existing 13MP RGB camera that we use.

It looks like there is a high amount of jpeg compression which impacts on the quality of the image.

Taking a look at the APIs offered we don’t see an API that will allow us to set the jpeg quality to be used for the RGB camera. Is there an API we missed, or will you be adding this an option to your API in the future?



Is anybody from Parrot monitoring the Sequoia group? It’s been 12 days with no replies.


The quality factor for jpeg images is currently set to 80 and is not user-modifiable.
It was optimized to give the best compromise between quality and processing speed. We do not believe that raising the value would result in a significant increase of the perceived image quality. However this would have an impact on the processing power required and capture frame rate.
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Thanks for the reply.

Just so we’re on the same page I’ve included a representative snippet from the sample RGB image that Micasense have on their website as sample data from the Sequoia and another example that Parrot shared. They’re both rendered as 1:1 in terms of pixel size.

The jpeg compression setting that Sequoia are using of 80 means that so much detail is lost and you end up with an oil painting effect.

Are customers really happy enough with this sort of RGB image quality?

As I mentioned we’ve been using a USB camera from e-con systems which has the same image sensor size as the Sequoia RGB sensor and the same sort of 5mm lens and the image quality is much better, it doesn’t have this oil painting effect anymore.

It used to have a similar effect before, or though not quite as bad/harsh. The difference was that their camera used to try and use a jpeg image quality of 95 but if it couldn’t keep up with the expected frame rate then it would dynamically lower the jpeg image quality. Now they use a fixed image quality of 95 and let the frame rate drop lower if need be from their default frame rate of 14fps for the 13 mega pixel size we’re using.

Given the limits of the CPU chosen by Parrot for the Sequoia would it be possible to configure the RGB camera to output a TIFF image instead of a JPEG image. The trade-off if we selected the TIFF option would be much larger file sizes on the SD card and longer write times to the SD which would potentially limit the capture frequency, but it would allow us to then subsequently choose our own JPEG compression level to use for transmitting the images from our customer to ourselves for processing.

I did take a look at the Sequoia API and didn’t see any such configuration option currently to have the RGB camera output a TIFF instead of a JPEG.



I got an error saying that new users are only allowed to upload 1 image per post. So here is the second example image that I referred to in my previous post.