Prebuilt waypoint files

  1.   We wish to upload a prebuilt Waypoint file to the controller software. My understanding is that the  drone software will not allow for the uploading of prebuilt waypoint files but instead allows only the recording of the files on the machine. Can you please confirm that this is correct? We are looking instead at using Litchi product as this works on both Android and Apple phones and allows for the uploading.
  2.   I’ve had trouble finding a file definition for the waypoint file. I’m assuming the file format is the same regardless of whether we use Litchi or yours. Are you able to tell me

a. Is there a documented standard for the Waypoint file?
b. Is there a way of telling instructing the drone to wait at a waypoint for the command to proceed? There is an option of telling the file to wait for a certain period of time and we could use that if needed but it would work better if we can have the drone wait for the command to proceed.
c. Can we tell the drone to turn on/off an accessory via the waypoint file? Specifically, we plan to have a laser pointer turn on at certain points.

  1. The file should be generated by the controller software and then sent to the drone through ftp (port 61).

a. The file is mavlink file standard with common messages.
b. Can you explicit the command to proceed?
c. No you can’t.


you mean port 61 no ?


Yes 61 sorry!
I’ve updated my message to fix this error.