Real-time gyroscope data



I want to develop my own application. The app runs on the desktop or a smartphone. It needs to read the real-time gyroscope data from the drone (raw data is preferred). Does Parrot AR Drone 2.0 provide APIs for such data?

Thank you


The AR Drone can return plenty of publicly accessible raw data, including gyroscope data. The problem is, it’s all un-documented - so you don’t really know what you’re dealing with!

If you look at navdata_common.h in the AR Drone SDK (in ARDroneLib/Soft/Common) then you can see this structure:

typedef struct _navdata_raw_measures_t {
  uint16_t  raw_accs[NB_ACCS];    // filtered accelerometers
  int16_t   raw_gyros[NB_GYROS];  // filtered gyrometers
  int16_t   raw_gyros_110[2];     // gyrometers  x/y 110 deg/s

There are 3 (presumably X, Y, & Z) numbers in raw_gyros and 2 (X, Y?) in raw_gyros_110.

Then there are also these:

typedef struct _navdata_phys_measures_t {
  float32_t   accs_temp;
  uint16_t    gyro_temp;
  float32_t   phys_accs[NB_ACCS];
  float32_t   phys_gyros[NB_GYROS];

typedef struct _navdata_gyros_offsets_t {
  uint16_t   tag;
  uint16_t   size;
  float32_t offset_g[NB_GYROS];

But what the number actually represent, their min / max, etc… I can’t tell you.


Thanks a lot!

I guess I still need to figure out the meaning of these data. But it’s really good news to know these data is accessible.