Reset octomap or dynamically updated the map


Is there any way to reset octomap?
I tried to reset the rviz, but the old map comes back when slamdunk is moving again.
Is there a way to clear the map in the fly?

also I noticed that once the map is registered, it only adds new occupied points, but does not delete any occupied point, even when they are observed as free space again. So if there are moving objects in the scene, they stays in the octomap forever. I wonder if there are any setting I can change to enable dynamic updating the octomap? or any suggestion to add this feature.

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I think you can reset octomap with “restart_slam” service.
As for the dynamic side, I don’t know.


There are the restart slam, restart capture and restart occupancy services that you can use to reset the octomap.

I have not seen any setting that would enable a dynamic octomap. If there is one, I would love to know :kissing:

I’m using the slam package rtabmap to compute my occupancy maps. It’s dynamic and has the good taste to perform loop closures :slight_smile:
It’s eating quite a bit of processing power unfortunately but I have not found anything better to replace it.