Rosbag of recorded data


Is it possible to run the system on a rosbag created using recorded data. If so, would it be possible to provide a guideline for recording and running the system?


We haven’t use rosbag (yet) for the Parrot S.L.A.M.dunk.
Recording should be possible.
However, replaying, things like the SLAM or depthmap is not possible because these algorithms aren’t fed by ROS but by the cameras directly. Reasons for this are multiple, we could say performances but I think it mainly comes from the fact that we weren’t using ROS at the beginning.

Do you have something in mind to record?
If you are working on an algorithm that needs 2 of the slamdunk_node topics, I think you can just record these 2 topics with rosbag and replay your algorithm with the bag.


Actually, I am developing an algorithm for localization. This requires me to run the slamdunk everytime. I was wondering if it would be possible to record the data from the imu, camera and other sensors and feed these into the slam algorithm running on the slamdunk, while I test my localization algorithm using the output from the slamdunk.

I think I will go with what you said, record the topics and then play the bag file.