S.L.A.M.dunk running time


I have three questions.

  1. I’ve bought three S.L.A.M.dunk modules. I use them for w/ computer mode. But, one of them module doesn’t come out any topics and make connection via rviz.

  2. S.L.A.M.dunk topics go off after the 4 hours. Is it normal?

  3. Where is the origin(0, 0, 0) of S.L.A.M.dunk module?

  1. As it looks to be related to an hardware issue, I suggest you to contact Parrot Support.

  2. The 4-hour delay seems weird. Is it reached with a static or dynamic SLAMdunk?

  3. Origin (0, 0, 0) is defined at the startup of the SLAM (topic /pose)


Thanks tba,

I can’t understand static and dynamic SLAMdunk you said acculately.
I put SLAMdunk on my desk and connect with another Ubuntu PC.
Then, I monitor the topics. After about four hours, topics do not come out anymore .

My question of origin of SLAMdunk module was location of (0,0,0) on SLAMdunk body.
For example, center of two cameras is origin.

I’m sorry to ask you confusing questions.



in “static or dynamic SLAMdunk”, I wanted to say if the device was moving or not. A SLAMdunk on the desk connected to a PC is a classical static configuration.

I have no explanation about what happens after four hours. Did you try with rviz? When they are no more topic published, if you stop and start again your application (rviz?), are the topics back?

Origin of the SLAMdunk is the center of the left camera.


Thanks tba,

I used it for a static configuration.

I tested it with rviz(rviz -d slamdunk_qsg.rviz)

When it didn’t come out any topics, I typed “sudo stop slamdunk_ros_node” and “sudo start slamdunk_ros_node”.
Then, it worked properly and came out topics.